• For the 60” round tables a 108” round tablecloth will drop to just above the floor. Color: White. Rental Price $12 each.


  • For the 8’ rectangular tables a 90" x 156" tablecloth will drop to the floor on all four sides of a 8' banquet table. Color: White. Rental Price $14 each.


  • For the 30” cocktail tables a 108” round table cloth will 3” from above the ground. Giving it an elegant look for your special event. Color: White. Rental Price $12 each.



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**Other sizes and configurations are available.

When planning your dance floor, we recommend planning for up to half of your guest count dancing at one time. We will install a subfloor beneath the dancing surface when using on a soft surface environment (grass), which is why a price difference occurs. Dance floors can be used indoors or outdoors. When used outdoors must be covered by a tent or structure.



25’ String Lights & Chandeliers available 




Keep your guests happy with a full bar/ drink station. This bar can be used as a self-serve walk-up bar for your guest.


The table can be filled with up to 75 lbs of ice and has a convenient drain hole for water. Perfect for indoors or outdoors.



Portable bars are a great choice to keep the party going. Six feet long this portable bar is perfect for serving your guests.


With shelves for storage of bottles and glasses, and a big counter-top for making drinks the portable bar has plenty of room to serve all of your guests for the whole party.


The portable bar is easy to set up and move around it is built to be portable. The lightweight construction does not sacrifice stability, this is as strong as any other bar while remaining portable enough to be moved by one person.


Great for dressing up poles or hiding less attractive poles for special events. Available in white.


These drapes offer an elegant appearance to the tent. Perfect for weddings, birthdays or any occasion.


These drapes offer an elegant appearance to the tent. Perfect for weddings, birthdays or any occasion.



Do you deliver and set up?

Set-up and take-down of the tent is included in our price. A delivery charge will be added to your rental based on your location. When delivered, tables and chairs will be left stacked neatly under our tents and we request that they be the same way when we return for pick-up, unless prior arrangements have been made. Additional fees may be applied if this condition is not met and delays our pick up. Set-up and take-down of tables and chairs is not included. If this service is needed, arrangements must be made in advance of your event and a fee will be arranged at that time.

When will you come setup my event?

Most of the time we come 1-2 days before your event, however in some circumstances we may show the day of. Delivery times are at our discretion (Unless Specified). Since most rentals are made for use on the weekends, we normally are setting up tents on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and are taking down tents on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Why are delivery times at your discretion?

The reason we chose the times and dates are due to #1. Equipment availability and #2. We do several deliveries a day we have to be organized, and efficient to give each job the optimum amount of time for a perfect setup.

When will you let me know what day I'm being delivered on?

We will call you the Monday-Tuesday before your event or sooner.

What if I need a specific time and date?

We do offer the option of picking your time, with in a time period normally 2 Hours for a fee of $25.00. We will send a truck dedicated just for your event, for your convenience.

What should be done on the customer's part before the delivery?

1. Make sure you have someone lined up to be at the house the day of delivery. If there is going to be no one home have the area of the tent marked, otherwise they will put the tent up where they feel is the best location. 2. Make sure the remainder of your rental agreement has been paid. 3. Have everything cleared and ready for the tent installers (including having the grass cut). If your not ready for our installers on the agreed upon time, additional fees will be charged to you.

Will your employees carry the tables and chairs down stairs?

No, tables and chairs will NOT be carried up or down stairs unless prior arrangements have been made before (Not even 1 table 10 Chairs). We are sorry about that, but there is too much liability involved in going up and down stairs (We don’t want anyone injured). We typically drop off the equipment as far as the truck can back up. Normally the garage or under the tent if within 10’ of the truck. If equipment must be carried further, arrangements need to be made prior to your event.

What is your tent cancellation policy?

We require a 50% deposit on all reservations. Complete cancellations made prior to 30 days of the event will receive a refund of 50% of the initial deposit. Cancellations made within 30 days of the event WILL NOT receive a refund of the paid deposit.

Is a tent permit required?

Tent permits vary from county and city and all fees will be responsible by the Renter.

What if there is a threat of severe weather or storms?

In case of inclement weather, you should always have a backup or rain plan.

An evacuation plan for tents during severe weather is highly recommended to avoid any possible injury.

Are sidewalls included in the price of the tent?

Sidewalls are NOT included with the price of the tent. You have a options of either Solid Sidewalls or Window Sidewalls at an additional price.

How much soil is required for staking the tent?

There should be a minimum of 24-30" of soil to properly stake the tents.

Any less than this compromises the safety of your guests and our equipment.

We will not install tents without proper staking conditions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, or MasterCard.

Can I cook under or near a tent?

Cooking under or near any of our tents is strictly prohibited.

While the tents are fire resistant, they are susceptible to damage from heat and smoke.

Customers are solely responsible for any damage from cooking equipment, fireworks, explosives, fire pits, bonfires or other fire sources.




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