If you are thinking about having an outdoor wedding, consider using a tent for your wedding, reception, or both!


Outdoor tent weddings can be dressed up to fit any theme. Planning to use a tent for your outdoor wedding is a stress reliever which offers you protection from rain on your special day.


Our tents are a blank canvas allowing you so much creative freedom. Here are a couple of helpful guidelines to follow when planning to use a tent for your outdoor wedding. Also makes sure to check out our FAQ's to answer some of your questions.

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The number one consideration when thinking about having an outdoor wedding is the weather. Unfortunately, there is no way to truly tell, this far in advance, if it will rain on your wedding day, but you can help mitigate some of the risks is by taking some other factors into consideration. Are you getting married in the peak of summer?


Michigan summers in July and August can get pretty hot outside. Planning a wedding in the spring or the fall? Rain and other weather factors, again this is Michigan, need to be considered. These factors aren’t insurmountable, but it does mean you’ll need to factor extra accessories into your budget – like AC units or fans in the summer or propane heaters in the winter.


Investing in sidewalls for your tent to block out potential rain, wind, or bugs is also a must. Tents can withstand a good storm. However, during any extreme weather, you are going to want to have a safe shelter area accessible.


Although you are planning an outdoor wedding, you will probably want electricity! Hopefully, you are close enough to a structure where you can use their electricity. If not, no worries, just plan to include renting a generator in your budget. This allows you to run lights, heating or cooling options, and kitchen equipment.


Remember to plan for a bathroom! You normally have to give up the idea of indoor plumbing when your dream is an outdoor wedding in a picturesque setting. Keep your guests in mind when planning the layout of your outdoor wedding.


Make sure porta-potties, a bathroom trailer, or, if available, indoor bathrooms are nearby. If the outdoor arrangement is designed in such a way where guests must walk to these facilities, consider investing in walkway tents. These walkway tents will protect your guests from rain, wind, or cold weather and keep everyone happy.


Using a tent for your outdoor wedding or reception is a blank canvas that can be made to fit any theme and make your wedding vision come true. But it also means nearly everything has to be rented. The tent, tables, chairs, decorations, and dance floor can add up quickly. 


We’ve come up with a variety of wedding packages to help bring down the cost, make planning more user-friendly, and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.


Adding your personal touch to your tent wedding is part of the appeal to many people. You’ve most likely paged through magazines and websites while coming up with ideal inspiration for your wedding theme.


Nearly any décor can be created in a tent, whether you are looking for a country/rustic feeling or a modern/elegant affair. Please discuss your vision with us and we will be more than willing to come up with creative solutions to make it your dream wedding.


Before the planning is complete, be sure to check that you are in compliance with the rules and regulations of your venue and rental companies. Are there any sound ordinances that prevent you from playing music after a certain hour?


Can you drive directly up to where you want the tent installed?  Having the ability to do so is extremely important in terms of time and delivery fees…think about all of the decorations, rental equipment, and catering services which will need to be brought to the tent.